UV Safe Travels

‘Safe Travels’ has new meaning in these pandemic days. 2,560 meters (8,400 feet) above sea level sits a little-known village called Cuenca [quenka], Ecuador. Because Cuenca is high up in the mountains, the risk of catching Covid19 is miniscule thanks to the sun's UV rays.


That makes Cuenca a likely destination for would be travelers. Right? Well, before one extends toward this allure of elevation, another risk lurks underfoot called altitude sickness.  


Altitude sickness may have you feeling nauseous for a short time. May, because the likelihood of getting sick depends on the rate of ascent and the person. In order to mitigate the risk, just maintain a slow and steady climb up the mountain. An affordable cure exists for altitude sickness, no so for Corona...maybe.


To fight Covid-19 at sea level it would be helpful to have a UV light like one the Mass Transit Authority (MTA) uses for the subway system in New York City. But one could get a USB device that attaches to your smartphone for just such a purpose—UV protection! nexusuvc.com cites CDC reports on the effectiveness of UV, but I digress. Dwellers at sea level are making their way to higher ground for Safe Travels. 


Ten years before the pandemic, an adventurous soul from Boston Massachusetts traveled to Cuenca, fell in love with the simple life and decided to stay. Multilingual, Martha Mays now runs her own tour business for other travelers. "It's a great time to visit Cuenca" says Mays. "Historic Museums and Art Galleries have attracted many."


In addition, Martha’s language ability covers much of the world. Need a tour in Spanish? You’re able to book a custom tour as well as take online language lessons at marthamays.com. Either is safe.


Getting more familiar with Cuenca is easy. A quick search reveals the village is nestled in the heart of the Andes mountains; it has a long history; culture, customs and food share the taste of this ancient past. As for the price of food, let’s just say there’s plenty to enjoy on a 2020 budget. You’ll have to experience it for yourself. Safe Travels.